Onsite Human Resources Coordinator

Howe, IN

All great partnerships require great partners! We are looking for a customer service rock star for our great partner for the Traditional staffing department. The Onsite Coordinator is the “Coach” on the sidelines, ready to be a part of the action, planning and executing the game plan, and helping to achieve and score the goals!

Our Ideal Onsite Coordinator:

  1. Loves life – In and out of the work place.
  2. Thrives in an ever changing environment with ease, motivates other to join them, and gets things done!
  3. They are a born relationship pro!
  4. Jumps out of bed to make a difference.
  5. They love to meet people, everywhere they go.
  6. They ask people what it takes to get a job done, and a job done well.
  7. Excellent judge of character.
  8. They are expected to where multiple hats; whether it be a counselor, teacher, or mentor to their associates.
  9. Has a natural magnetism about themselves that draws others to want to be with them.
  10. Friendly, but tough. They are not afraid to have a difficult conversation on performance and expectations and ask the tough questions.

A Typical Day:

Comes in with an upbeat and energetic attitude. To start the day off, they will immediately walk the production floor, checking for any feedback on how the current shift is running. Then they will immediately check all correspondence for updates on how the previous shift ran, as well as any other general needs. Appropriate follow through is expected, by being able to balance and prioritize multiple tasks, by order of importance. This will include, assisting in onboarding and training of any new associates arriving that day, continue to check in with all shift supervisors and associates, counseling on any issues, or assisting in any retention methods. Regular associate reviews, while also giving out any positive recognition, will be important as well. Being able to coordinate between all scheduled shift changes, and monitor all open positions that need filled, will require communicating back to the office on these needs. Being able to successfully manage all responsibilities, such as any general administrative needs that come along with this as well, will require a very detail oriented individual. Overall, partnering with your client supervisors will be a huge benefit for any and all future needs and field any issues that could arise.


  1. One year of experience in coordinating in a manufacturing industry.
  2. Ability to manage multiple pieces under strict deadlines.
  3. Strong sense of urgency and control in high stress situations.
  4. Ability to take initiate, take responsibilities and challenges that may be outside the original scope of work.
  5. Personal maturity, good judgment and passion for helping others.
  6. Proactive and self-motivated.
  7. Team oriented, good natured, and collaborative with a positive attitude.

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  • Lindsey Bond
    Lindsey Bond Talent Acquisition Lead

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