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We’re just going to be honest: College isn’t for everyone. And as a high school senior, if you’re not totally sure what kind of career you want to pursue, college is an expensive path to take. Not everyone is college-bound immediately after graduation – and that’s ok. Instead, consider finding a job through a staffing agency. WSI can help you find seasonal work for the summer or a temporary job that ultimately leads you to permanent work. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Why Choose A Staffing Agency

A staffing agency can help you find entry-level jobs so you can gain experience, build up your resume, and help you figure out what direction you want to steer your career path. Many employers like to hire high school grads because they’re youthful, energetic, and easy to train. A staffing company can help you find these positions fast! And if you’re open to a series of temporary jobs, you can explore a variety of fields.

Your Extra-Curriculars Add Up

Most employers won’t expect high school students to have a ton of work experience, so don’t stress about that. Instead, focus on your extracurricular activities—athletics, student council, church groups, volunteering, it’s all gold. These experiences show that you know how to work as a team and have the interpersonal experience of working with diverse groups – something any employer can appreciate. In the meantime, explore your interests. What do you like to do? What do you want to learn more about? Keep an open mind as you communicate these to your staffing coordinator.

Summer Jobs

Don’t underestimate those summer jobs you worked. It’s always a plus to hold down a job in high school—it shows employers that you can handle multiple commitments and responsibilities and that you’re ambitious. You also probably learned what aspects of a job you really enjoy – whether it be working with customers, the behind-the-scenes operations, building displays, or helping to plan the annual summer employee picnic. Whether you realize it or not, you’re getting a ton of invaluable work experience at every job you’ve held.

Know Your Goals

As you start to consider jobs post-high school, know what your goals are. Are you trying to earn a certain amount of money each week to save up for an apartment? Maybe a seasonal job with a lot of expected overtime can help with that. Need to work certain hours that still allow you to take a college course in the mornings? We can do our best to accomodate that. Or if you just really loved working with your hands in shop class and want experience in skilled trades, staffing agencies can help get your foot in the door.

Collect References

Ask teachers, coaches, administrators, and others you consider mentors if they’d be willing to serve as a reference for you. They should be prepared to speak to your work ethic, skills, and character. Just don’t put down anyone’s name and contact information if you haven’t asked them first; people will appreciate having the ability to prepare a few talking points about you ahead of time.

Be Prepared

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