• 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday
  • 3497 S. 9th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 488-5100


Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. If you have an after-hours work emergency, please call the Kalamazoo office at (269) 488-5100 to leave a message with our answering service.


  • Lauren VoightLauren Voight

    My experience with Wsi has been great! I have been with them for 2 years now and have no problem with anything. Courtney is one of the staff’s there and she is wonderful from finding you a great job, to answering any questions you have. She is amazing and super friendly! All of the staffing of course are really nice and helpful as well! This agency will help you find a job that suits you and your time schedule!

  • Cynetta MooreCynetta Moore

    Recruiter Courtney M. is absolutely amazing! She actually is there to help people with career advancement and employment. She listens, cares, and actually wants to place you where you can grow based upon your skill set. I didn’t feel like I was at a temp agency but a place for new beginnings.

  • Paul Van ValkenburghPaul Van Valkenburgh

    I’ve gone through temp and/or hiring agencies before, but none as positive as WSI! John found my resume and hooked me up with a job very quickly! I’m very pleased with the genuine enthusiasm and professionalism thus far.

  • Tami MadisonTami Madison

    My experience with WSI is wonderful and great. The people their work with you on what you need and with what you have. Courtney at WSI is a great person that I am working with, she also checks up on me to see how I am doing and if I'm doing okay or if theirs a problem that needs to be fixed. The energy and the good vibes theses people give off their great and wonderful. I want to thank Courtney and other people that have worked with me thank you so much.

  • Jeff EckholmJeff Eckholm

    An Amazing temp service. Highly professional and caring workers are there to help you when you need them. Renee,Kaitlyn and John are all Amazing. I thank the 3 of them for theit help. I personally highly recommend WSI to everyone. Renee, Kaitlyn and John Thank you so much for everything you done for me. I truly appreciate it.

Meet the WSI Kalamazoo Staffing Team

  • Erica Bohms
    Erica Bohms Director of Staffing Operations
  • John Johnstone
    John Johnstone Account Manager
  • Chelsea Hunter
    Chelsea Hunter Account Manager
  • Ashley Wertz
    Ashley Wertz Account Manager
  • Renee Glanert
    Renee Glanert Account Manager
  • Lindsey Casey
    Lindsey Casey Account Manager
  • Courtney McCauley
    Courtney McCauley Account Manager
  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson Staffing Coordinator
  • Michaela Scholte
    Michaela Scholte Staffing Coordinator
  • Jada Redd
    Jada Redd Front Office Administrator
  • Katelyn Drummond
    Katelyn Drummond Front Office Administrator

Professional Team

  • Sara Blow
    Sara Blow VP
    Talent Acquisition
  • Zeinab Ayad
    Zeinab Ayad Sales & Recruitment Consultant
  • Molly Thomas
    Molly Thomas Talent Acquisition Specialist

Team Payroll

  • Holly Rogenski
    Holly Rogenski Payroll Coordinator
  • Cheri Weems
    Cheri Weems Assistant Controller
  • Brenda Danielczuk
    Brenda Danielczuk Sr. Payroll Administrator
  • Brent Rogers
    Brent Rogers Payroll Coordinator

Team Marketing

  • Jamie Woodburn Marketing Manager
  • Bill Fahl
    Bill Fahl Marketing & Communications
  • Chelsea Joki
    Chelsea Joki Digital Marketing Specialist

How can we help? Shoot us an email and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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