• 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday
  • 3497 S. 9th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 488-5100


Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. If you have an after-hours work emergency, please call the Kalamazoo office at (269) 488-5100 to leave a message with our answering service.


  • Beth McElhaneyBeth McElhaney

    I’ve worked with WSI for at least 6 months now and they are absolutely wonderful. All of the girls are very helpful and high energy. Due to some unfortunate events I lost my contract with one of their clients and Chelsea did everything in her power to help remedy the solution. Started a new job within a week. I love how all the ladies really take into consideration if you like your job and placement, whether it’s a good fit and works for your family and schedule. It makes you feel less like a number and more human. I would 10/10 recommend WSI to any job seekers out there. Very quick and fast placement with little hassle.

  • madison macgillivraymadison macgillivray

    WSI is very professional and helpful. I’ve worked with other temp agencies before and WSI is much more straightforward and informative. They got me a job the same day I came in and it’s much better than any of my previous temp agency jobs. On top of that they won’t take 10% of your check every week and I have seen first hand just how much they care about their employees.

  • Breanna LloydBreanna Lloyd

    I had a great experience at WSI. I was recruited by Courtney M. and she helped me find a job that was suitable for me. The staff are polite and very helpful with any question you may need answered. I’m looking forward to continuously to work through WSI and definitely recommend this agency to a peer. Thanks again!!

  • Shanti DavisShanti Davis

    I really liked my first visit at WSI was great. Everyone was so kind and always available to ask questions. The account manager/Courtney McCauley is so amazingly nice and was very willing to work with me on a job that best fits me and my schedule. I definitely recommend WSI to anyone!!!

  • Kiote9Kiote9

    My first experience with WSI has been extremely positive. The staff members are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. The application and interview process is very smooth and the staff are wonderful to work with. John Johnstone made me feel welcome and confident about my possibilities. Everyone I have spoken with there has been wonderful. I knew exactly what I wanted and I was guided through the process with clear understanding of what steps were needed to take and how to achieve my employment goals. WSI was recommended to me by a close friend who found her position through them and she had nothing but good things to say about them as well. All and all a great company to work with!

Meet the WSI Kalamazoo Staffing Team

  • Erica Bohms
    Erica Bohms Staffing Manager
  • John Johnstone
    John Johnstone Account Manager
  • Chelsea Hunter
    Chelsea Hunter Account Manager
  • Ashley Wertz
    Ashley Wertz Account Manager
  • Renee Glanert
    Renee Glanert Account Manager
  • Courtney McCauley
    Courtney McCauley Account Manager
  • Alysha Haire
    Alysha Haire Staffing Coordinator
  • Jada Redd
    Jada Redd Front Office Administrator
  • Katelyn Drummond
    Katelyn Drummond Front Office Administrator

Professional Team

  • Sara Blow
    Sara Blow VP
    Talent Acquisition
  • Lindsey Bond
    Lindsey Bond Talent Acquisition Lead
  • Zeinab Ayad
    Zeinab Ayad Sales & Recruitment Consultant
  • Molly Thomas
    Molly Thomas Talent Acquisition Specialist

Team Payroll

  • Holly Rogenski
    Holly Rogenski Payroll Coordinator
  • Cheri Weems
    Cheri Weems Payroll Coordinator
  • Brenda Danielczuk
    Brenda Danielczuk Payroll Coordinator
  • Justin Bus
    Justin Bus Payroll Coordinator
  • Brent Rogers
    Brent Rogers Payroll Coordinator

Team Marketing

  • Jamie Woodburn Marketing Manager
  • Bill Fahl
    Bill Fahl Marketing & Communications
  • Chelsea Joki
    Chelsea Joki Digital Marketing Specialist

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