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  • Benedicite SolBenedicite Sol

    Everyone at the office was really helpful. Amy was able to get me into an orientation same day as my interview and followed up with me immediately after I started. 2 days and I had a new job. Great place to help people find work in GR/Kentwood.

  • Jordan HernandezJordan Hernandez

    I had Ana for my recruiter. She got me in so fast and worked with my needs so well. I've now been at a job long enough to be promoted and raised my hourly wage. I also enjoy the bonuses they give out I just claimed my 350 dollars so far!!! With another 150 in the next couple weeks. This is a great place to work through. They genuinely care about you and pick whatever fits what you need best. Thank WSI!

  • Kamia JonesKamia Jones

    Amy was awesome with assisting me with work such a kind friendly and welcoming person front fest was also friendly . Thank you WSI

  • Angela GettsAngela Getts

    This is an amazing employment recruitment company. The staff is very helpful, friendly, helpful, and inviting. They always make you feel welcome. My recruiter worked to get me set up with a position. She was awesome and very helpful. She got me lined up with a position within the week. Love this place and their staff.

    Angela Getts

  • Tyler GarzaTyler Garza

    Samantha helped my wife and I get an amazing job we actually enjoy and get told how great we fit in often. We like the people we work with and they like us so that makes working at Action Packaging a great experience and fits my wife and I thank you!


  • Melissa McAfee
    Melissa McAfee Operations Manager
    Grand Rapids
  • Christy Keizer
    Christy Keizer Director of Business Development
    Grand Rapids
  • Ana Post
    Ana Post Staffing Manager
  • Waskar Valoy
    Waskar Valoy Onsite Staffing Coordinator
  • Samantha Maciasz
    Samantha Maciasz Staffing Coordinator
  • Esmeralda Duran
    Esmeralda Duran Administrative Assistant
  • Alejandra Buitron
    Alejandra Buitron Recruiter
  • Brenda Lopez
    Brenda Lopez Onsite Staffing Coordinator
  • Amy Walker
    Amy Walker Staffing Coordinator
  • Michelle Ignasiak
  • Chelsea Joki
    Chelsea Joki Talent Sourcing Specialist
  • Mackenzie Baur
    Mackenzie Baur Staffing Coordinator
  • Deena Swierenga
    Deena Swierenga Orientation Specialist
  • Meagan DeCarlo
    Meagan DeCarlo Front Office Administrator
  • Vanessa Moir
    Vanessa Moir Front Office Administrator

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