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  • Tray BrewerTray Brewer

    From the moment I walked in and was greeted by Megan, to my interaction with Amy, everything done there was FIRST CLASS. They made me feel like a valuable asset and not just some random person who had to be placed. They made me feel like what I needed was important, not just what jobs they wanted to push off on me. I'm not sure what they're getting paid but they all need RAISES. TOP NOTCH. If I could give them 7 Stars I would.

  • Juanita VelezJuanita Velez

    WSI and Amy were extremely helpful in finding me a second job 3rd shift . I originally wanted to work at Christmas time but nothing available for my schedule. But the keep calling when other jobs became available and I told them I was going on a cruise and didn't want to start a job and then tell them I couldn't work for a week. So they put a hold on calling me and said to call when I got back from my cruise.And I called the next day and you had a job for me and I start tonight. So I'm very excited and thrilled with your company I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Amy went out of her way to check on everything very sweet and thoughtful!!

  • Curtis BarrentineCurtis Barrentine

    I would like to take the time and say, I couldn't have been more happy then to come to an incredible organization with an amazing team of staff. The reps are very nice, kind, and will place you where they think you will be a great fit. They have plenty of job opportunities and the resources to get you started. I'll reccomend who ever who is looking for a job, please look no further because WSI has your back. Please don't be Shy just Apply.

  • Traci StansbyTraci Stansby

    The front desk staff was friendly and helpful. Samantha, is AMAZING!! I walked in today looking for a job, came out a few hours later with an assignment that best matched my abilities and what I was looking for. Thank you Samantha!!!


  • Christy Keizer
    Christy Keizer Director of Business Development
    Grand Rapids
  • Ana Post
    Ana Post Branch Manager
    Grand Rapids
  • Waskar Martinez
    Waskar Martinez Onsite Staffing Coordinator
  • Samantha Maciasz
    Samantha Maciasz Staffing Coordinator
  • Esmeralda Duran
    Esmeralda Duran Administrative Assistant
  • Alejandra Buitron
    Alejandra Buitron Recruiter
  • Brenda Lopez
    Brenda Lopez Onsite Staffing Coordinator
  • Amy Walker
    Amy Walker Staffing Coordinator
  • Michelle Ignasiak
  • Mackenzie Baur
    Mackenzie Baur Staffing Coordinator
  • Meagan DeCarlo
    Meagan DeCarlo Front Office Administrator
  • Mae Kumko
    Mae Kumko Front Office Administrator

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