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  • alsween218alsween218

    Worked with this agency for the past year and they've been very helpful, friendly, professional, and even accommodating. They will work with you and try to assign you to a job/facility that would best suit you. Most assignments they deal in offer competitive wages and their clients are willing to hire so long as you're reliable and willing to work. Some agencies and their clients would disregard you no matter how diligent you are, however that is not the case at WSI. They treat you like you matter! Especially Ashley, the agent I worked the closest with. She always looked out for my best interests and always made sure I was making the right decisions regarding my prospects. It proved to be invaluable and I can't thank her or WSI enough!

  • Jordan DiehlmanJordan Diehlman

    Great staff that always goes the extra mile. Best experience I've ever had as a temp.

  • hassan abuelhawahassan abuelhawa

    Ana was very helpful and got me what I wanted. Very happy with the customer service amazing job thank you....

  • Sultan SaudSultan Saud

    WSI staff were professional and nice, they were able to find me a job in less than two weeks. They have a lot of jobs and the wage is competitive. Thank you a lot.


  • Melissa McAfee
    Melissa McAfee Operations Manager
    Grand Rapids
  • Ana Post
    Ana Post Staffing Manager
  • Abbigale Crouse
    Abbigale Crouse Onsite Staffing Coordinator
  • Waskar Valoy
    Waskar Valoy Onsite Staffing Coordinator
  • Samantha Maciasz
    Samantha Maciasz Staffing Coordinator
  • Marcela Budzynksi
    Marcela Budzynksi Director of First Impressions
  • Kaitlin Hearth
    Kaitlin Hearth Director of First Impressions
  • Esmeralda Duran
    Esmeralda Duran Administrative Assistant
  • Brooke Rummelt
    Brooke Rummelt Staffing Coordinator
  • Ashley Dudley
    Ashley Dudley Staffing Coordinator
  • Alejandra Buitron
    Alejandra Buitron Recruiter
  • Brenda Lopez
    Brenda Lopez Onsite Staffing Coordinator

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