National Tax Service Provider

On-site at a national tax service provider, WSI adeptly handled it all—from recruiting, screening, and hiring to managing performance.

Our on-site strategy enabled a national tax service provider to decrease attrition from 39.4% to 9.4% in their Kansas City Call Center. The company’s customer satisfaction scores increased by 11%, due to WSI’s engaged workforce as verified by customer satisfaction surveys.

By year three, 1,000 of WSI’s talented agents had been hired in. Candidate screening included a personality/aptitude test designed to measure the performance metrics the client sought to attain. WSI took care of everything from recruiting, hiring, and performance management to employee-relations support.

International Diagnostic Company

By researching best-in-class clinical sales consultants in the industry, WSI was able to successfully source and recruit the ideal candidates.

WSI’s recruitment strategy resulted in a 650% increase of workforce in three years. More than 100 clinical sales consultants in over 60 U.S. markets were placed due to WSI’s industry knowledge and research initiatives.

Headquartered in Sweden, our client needed consultants with a unique blend of sales and clinical expertise. Working in partnership with the company’s management, WSI established traits critical to performance. Our sourcing experts targeted established companies in specific geographical markets and aggressively recruited top performers. Human resources, payroll and benefits, and bonus administration were completely managed by WSI.

National Food Manufacturer

A lower turnover rate was achieved through a highly skilled workforce provided by WSI’s 24-hour on-site service.

Our recruitment model increased schedule adherence by 13%, lowered costs of overtime and double time by 20%, and reduced compliance issues.

Future labor needs drove the client to WSI for help in sourcing, selecting, and retaining a high volume of employees. We put a formal employee onboarding and mentorship program in place, developed a performance management system, and held company-wide meetings to plan for their future workforce needs.

Third-Party Logistics Company

This third-party logistics company was opening a new facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and needed to build a team from the ground up. To accomplish this, they needed a partner that would understand the key components of their business: talent, skill and culture. Because of contract demands, the client needed to quickly build and develop an effective team that could produce immediate results.

  • Successful staffing ramp-up in less than 30 days, allowing client to meet contract terms and customer needs
  • Labor costs, overtime and product defects were all significantly lower than in past facility start-ups
  • Start-up turnover rate of less than ten percent

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