Strategic Talent Placement.

From temporary, contract, or temp-to-hire workers to direct-hire degreed professionals, we find the people best suited for the job. We identify, recruit, and manage the entire process, even through orientation and induction depending on your business needs, working in total sync with you to deliver the highest quality employees.

The recruitment strategy we design for your company offers cost efficiency, effectiveness, and successful performance.

Levels of Support

  1. Sourcing. Utilizing our broad experience in a wide range of professions, coupled with the extensive intelligence gathered during our research, we narrow the field of qualified leads to match your requirements and specs. Your recruiters receive a list of qualified candidates to contact.

  2. Sourcing Plus. Once sourcing is complete and qualified leads have been identified, we contact candidates and discuss the potential of a career move to your company. Only those expressing a genuine interest are included in the list of qualified candidates your recruiters receive.

  3. Recruiting. When your personal recruitment team needs additional support, we will work to find the solution. The high level candidates we provide are in line with your specifications, and a fit for the culture of your organization.

  4. Recruiting Plus. We will provide all the resources and expertise necessary to meet even the most time-sensitive, high-volume recruitment pushes. Our recruitment team will work with yours to develop a joint strategy and timeline to achieve your objectives.

There’s one more thing: Relocation Service for Trailing Spouses. By ensuring immediate career support for the spouse of your recruit, Connect Sixty-Four serves as an invaluable recruitment tool for your relocating candidates. Visit for more information.