Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Perth, Ontario

The manager of manufacturing engineering oversees the development and implementation of manufacturing processes to maintain proper product functionality as well as cost efficiency. You’ll ensure departments work together cohesively, pioneer the development of equipment or aid in the manufacturing process, and lead the team of manufacturing engineers and project engineers.

In a typical work week, an Engineering Manager will:

  • Analyze and design lean manufacturing cells using effective systems and simulation tools to optimize use of space, equipment, material, and personnel
  • Assist in developing plant layout in planning rearrangement of facilities, equipment, and operations for better utilization of space
  • Work closely with research and development, quality assurance and maintenance personnel to prevent problems with products and tooling
  • Ensure all manufacturing safety regulatory policies and procedures are implemented and maintained at all times
  • Ensure products are made according to specifications
  • Determine and eliminate root causes and diminish occurrences in the manufacturing process
  • Assist in reducing cost through re-engineering product/material
  • Conduct training on new product launches to meet target date

Supervisory Responsibility:

The manager of manufacturing engineering will manage all employees of the department and is responsible for the performance and hiring of the employees within that department.

Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering
  • 6+ years of progressive experience in manufacturing engineering
  • Management experience


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