Our values drive your results.

WSI’s leadership team upholds our core values in serving our clients, candidates, and associates. We believe a company’s values are something you can see in the actions of the employees, and at WSI our core values determine our behaviors and drive our decision making process.


Uncompromised Excellence



Positive Attitude



Expertise: Our clients can trust that our judgment is sound, that our insights are fact-based, and that our commitment to delivering unparalleled expertise is steadfast. We share our learning with other team members to further build upon each other’s knowledge base.

Uncompromised Excellence: WSI team members are committed to delivering the highest possible quality of service and the most accurate and thorough work 100% of the time. We commit to make the necessary improvements to address the client concerns. Never lose a client. We take pride in our own professional appearance, hygiene, and grooming every day. We use WSI telephone etiquette. Answer within three rings with a smile.

Integrity: WSI team members value moral character and strive to maintain the highest integrity. In every situation, we seek to do what is right. We do what we say we will do. We openly commit to results, and we follow through on our commitments. We communicate our company objectives to all employees and believe it is everyone’s responsibility to support them.

Passion: Our passion for life and for the mutual success of our clients and colleagues drives our need to surpass the high expectations we set for ourselves. We are empowered as employees to act in our clients’ best interests. We take ownership of our clients’ challenges and goals and utilize all the resources of WSI to promote solutions. We are ambassadors of our company inside and outside of the workplace. We are always looking for opportunities to grow our business.

Positive Attitude: We believe that the difference between two like professionals is simple…people that are positive about life, themselves, and the world around them are more enjoyable to work with and more successful in what they do. Through balance and belief in our mission, we seek to attract and retain professionals with positive attitudes. We create a positive and fulfilling workplace where all employees are encouraged to strive for success. We always smile and maintain positive eye contact.

Respect: As professionals, we value and respect each other and those we serve implicitly. We believe that excellence in any endeavor deserves respect, be it a daily chore or the most strategic insight. We are responsible for creating a safe, secure and productive work environment. Think safety first. We never say “that’s not my job,” but instead seek to offer assistance.

Responsiveness: While we make every effort to anticipate our clients’ needs and proactively address opportunities or challenges, we appreciate the immeasurable value of immediate response. We embrace the belief that “end of day” is not good enough and commit to respond as quickly as possible when called upon. We provide the finest personal service to our clients. We do not hesitate to offer support for an activity where we can be of assistance.

Meet the Leadership Team

Jeff O’Brien


Steve Beebe

Vice President

Blayne Gregory

Performance Improvement Management

Marshia Loucks

Vice President Finance

Sara Blow

Vice President Talent Aquisition

Jeff O’Brien


As president/CEO of WSI, Jeff has built a leadership team that has an intense passion for excellence in all of WSI's distinct divisions. His vision is not simply to be the best, but to lead the industry to new standards of service and to raise the expectations within each of the business units. This fresh perspective and positive approach have brought tremendous growth and new dimensions to the partnerships that are formed with like-minded leading companies around the country.

Prior to forming WSI in 2001, Jeff was a partner in a Midwest law firm specializing in business transaction law. Spending 16 years practicing law and supporting the growth efforts of highly entrepreneurial companies has been key to forming Jeff’s philosophical approach that “anything is possible.”

Steve Beebe


Steve serves as vice president of WSI and has been with the organization since September of 2002. He is a 20-year veteran of the research, recruitment and staffing Industry, helping organizations throughout the country attract, hire and retain the right individuals to enable them to grow their business. Steve consults with companies to help them better understand their talent mix, gaps that need to be addressed and a strategy to get them to where they need to be. Steve is passionate about talent—finding it, engaging it and harnessing it for success.

Blayne Gregory


Blayne Gregory is the Performance Improvement Manager for WSI. She joined the organization in 2013, and oversees the development, analysis, and the continuous improvement of all job roles, processes, and trainings for WSI. She utilizes her process improvement skills to streamline efficiency, increase communication, incorporate customer service, and develop feedback for all processes within WSI. She also manages the culture development of the organization, as well as the trailing spouses program, Connect 64. She received her Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Western Michigan University.

Marshia Loucks


Marshia is a finance powerhouse that has served as WSI's Vice President Finance since 2015. Formerly a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance, Marshia plays an integral part of the senior leadership team by leading the financial planning and budget management functions of WSI. A Toronto native, Marshia resides in Portage with her husband Andrew and two children.

Sara Blow


Toronto native Sara Blow joined WSI in December 2016 as Vice President Talent Acquisition to focus on building and further developing the firm’s professional recruiting division. Prior to joining WSI, Sara managed a regional branch for a worldwide staffing firm, led the business development for a full-service staffing and recruiting firm, and held various senior HR leadership roles with major automotive manufacturers. In her new role, she looks forward to developing partnerships with organizations to address the talent shortages and attract top talent not only to SW Michigan, but nationwide.